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Cannabis industry Solutions

Dispensary Service Software

In Marijuana Seed To Sell, LLC our mission for our software
is to assist everyone who uses our software in growing their
business by providing the business with an automated,
employee tracking, inventory tracking, client tracking, point
of sale software, cash tracking, seed to sale reporting,
financial accounting, grow management, quality control,
and many other essential tools system to not only help
the business succeed, but thrive.



$350 Per Month Charges


  • Easily organize patient information with his Doctor Prescription. In this Section, you add all of your patient entries along with their doctor prescription. Also you can edit and delete entries accordingly.
  • Our tools, save your time by increasing productivity. while also helping you gain exposure.
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  • The POS solution is user friendly and intuitive.
  • Cannabis limits are tracked to ensure that patient limits are not exceeded.
  • A fully featured point of sales system to make your bud tenders lives easier too.
  • Track your orders by using our unique cannabis POS.
  • Every order that gets placed in-store gets put through Marijuana Seed to Sale Software.
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  • Every order that gets placed in-store gets put through Marijuana Seed to Sale. A receipt is printed for your patients. This makes it really easy to keep track of your inventory and profit!
  • You can see your inventory levels at any given point of time from anywhere.
  • You can track all of your inventory purchases and installment payments paid to vendors.
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  • In this section you can add new users and give them permission to access software. You can set permission accordingly.
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  • Marijuana Seed to Sale provides many reports which allow to keep track of every activity in your business. Meet every state requires for cannabis traceability.
  • Marijuana Seed to Sale, LLC. offers the ultimate solution via an all-in-one simple to use business management software designed specifically for the cannabis industry.


  • In this section there are different types of many discounts and promotions on different criteria which can be applied. Also transaction total can be adjusted with manager permission if necessary.
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  • Transactions are the most important part of your business and Marijuana Seed to Sale makes it easy to help you. You can print and save all your patient's transaction details and send text messages and emails to your patients.
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  • In this section you can keep all information regarding Plant like the status of plant.
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  • Marijuana Seed to Sale allows you to edit details according to your requirements. You can set company info, receipt information, Point of sale as well General settings.
  • Marijuana Seed to Sale, LLC. has developed an innovative software designed specifically to ease the most stressful burdens running any level of a cannabusiness.
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  • If you want to Marijuana Seed to Sale software renew plan, then you can continues with this section.
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